6 Mistakes Entrepreneur’s Make and How You can Avoid Them

6 of the biggest mistakes Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners make keep them in a state of struggle.  I see a lot of Entrepreneur's with very good ideas, intentions and dreams to solve problems and make life better for their potential clients while making an impact and difference in the world.

However, the one things they don't think about first is the most important to keep in check.


They don't stay focused on what THEY want in their business, families and income

They forget about what they truly want their day, year or future to look like and seem to do these 6 sabotaging things instead:

1.  They look for a quick fix to their money problems or a quick tactic that may lead them to fast profits instead of just applying what they already know to work and consistently work at it to see results.

2.  They are not focused on the tasks that are truly going to get them there and instead flutter to and from what they think are answers but what they are really doing is suffering from bright shiny object syndrome and procrastinating from applying themselves to tried and true methods that work.

3. They waste their time on Facebook or other social media outlets not really drawing people into their websites with a call to action to using marketing techniques to attract their ideal clients.  Instead they fool around and lose themselves in social media only to find that the entire day was spent without any real 'marketing' activity and no results to show for it.

4.  They don't get the help they truly need from mentors or coaches that have valuable information about how they can get what they want out of their businesses faster while helping them stay focused on that path  through advice and accountability.

5. They don't charge enough and therefore work too hard for too little money and feel exhausted most of the time while not getting anywhere with their income or business growth causing them to want to give up too early and attract the wrong clients.

6. They don't have any systems in place in any organized fashion and tend to not be able to manage the clients they do get once they attract them with their 'ad -hoc' marketing due to this very system-less way.

The best thing a Small Business owner, Solo-preneur or Entrepreneur can do is to take a serious look at what they are doing all day and ask these questions:

– What do you want out of your business and income? in a year? in five years?

– What do you want for your family?  More time and more vacations spent making memories?

-Are you charging enough? 

-What do you want your day to look like?  Do you want to work 12 hour days or 5 hour days?

– What is your intention in your business?  Do you want a smaller practice/business that generates less then six figures or do you expect serious and consistent growth every year?

These questions are a great way to not only reflect but can truly set a fire under you and make things happen in your business. There is just something powerful about immediate and consistent action on your part to stay focused and clear on your goals…. that will surely get you there.

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