Attention Coaches, Consultants, Healers, BIG Thinkers, Entrepreneurs and other Experts:

Discover the 10 Step Formula for turning your Ordinary, Lifeless blog/website into a HOT lead generating machine that boosts Sales, Productivity & Profits!


Crystaloconnor     Listen to Crystal O’Connor:

This is for you if….

You’ve got your website/blog, your target market, your logo, your elevator pitch and your Pay button. 


And NOW you’re wondering…..

Why aren’t the sales happening?  Where are the customers?  The Buyers?  The people that are in PAIN and need YOU? 

 There may be a missing link.

You may need to connect the LINKS with the online & offline divisions of your business.




So,  if you’re experiencing :

style5   LITTLE to NO sales being made from you website/blog

style5  little or NO Traffic to your site  (Yikes!)

style5  confusion as to HOW to get them to sign up (translation: embarrassingly LOW opt-in conversions)

style5 little to NO strategy/consultation sign-ups on your site

style5  Feast or Famine every month due to inconsistent Cashflow

style5  what keywords to use and how to write compelling headlines and copy

style5  NO idea what you’re supposed to say in your email campaigns or how many to write or what sequence to write them in <Ugh!>

style5  NOT knowing what to do or say on Social Media to get HIGH traffic and conversion rates

style5  technical overwhelm with sales pages, blogging, sales funnels, HTML codes, Landing pages and other ‘doo-hickeys.’

 This program is meant for YOU!


I’m going PLUM CRAZY with this information and telling you exactly what to do!

It’s ALL here in this program and I’m going to break it all down for you and make it easy!

It’s for those of YOU that have a website/ blog, a business (NOT Just A HOBBY) yet still struggle with: 

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 Technical Know-How:

style3  what high performing plug-in’s, widgets, gadgets to use to super charge your online marketing efforts

style3Exactly what pages to have on your website that actually draw ideal clients in and converts them to your list

style3how to write compelling, HOT copy sales pages & BLOG posts that convert leads into sales.

style3where to strategically put video on your website & what to say so that people are ready to buy from you even before the consultation

style3What high-performing, online departments and systems to set up with your online business

style3How to intelligently package and price your programs so everything is organized, accessible and user-friendly to your potential clients and audience.

style3How to build a membership site, group program or recurring income model that gives you consistent cash flow every month

Online Tracking Systems:

style3How to Keep Consistent Cash Flow coming in with your online business so it’s saving you TIME with its automated abilities like it’s meant to do

style3How to create an Integrated Product Suite that brings in Leveraged, Passive and Recurring Income streams that seriously boosts your monthly Cashflow

style3Planning and writing out a seamless marketing calendar so you know exactly what you are doing each and every week

style3Setting and HITTING quarterly goals each month that actually GROW!

style3What numbers to track on your site each & every week so you TEST, TRACK & TWEAK yourself to PROFITS

style3 Being equipped with the proper Online P.O.A (plan of action) guide every single day with your daily online tasks so you’re doing what actually works and you see it everyday

style3 What Tracking sheets AND Process sheets to use that will guide you with your online business and demystify the steps

style3Knowing what an Effective Launch entails online and how to plan it out step-by-step

style3How to get fast surges of strategy sessions/consultations every single week so you have a pipeline of business coming in


Social Media Marketing Strategies:

style3specific Advanced Social Media strategies and how to use them to convert leads every day

style3How to sell to a small List while building a BIG FAT one

style3  What to say and do on Social Media posts that causes posts to go VIRAL & get noticed

style3 What to post and say to get 30+ HOT LEADS to sign up on your calendar for a consultation with you every week

style3  How to double and triple your traffic conversions very fast using Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Pinterest

And last BUT just as importantly…..

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Accountability to do what needs to be done and stay on track!


This Moxie Inner Circle VIP advanced strategy version is a group program specifically formulated & structured to take advantage of the ONLINE world of business and get rid of the confusion once and for all!

You will get

  • 1 Super Charged LIVE call a month with a HIGH performance strategy w/ homework & tracking sheet to implement (all calls recorded)
  • Easy tracking sheets, Goal Trackers, Marketing Calendars, Online System Process Sheets & MORE!
  • Access to the PLUM PROFITS Advanced Online Strategy Membership Site
  • Facebook Group dedicated to answering your specific online strategy questions 24/7

Online schedule starts MONDAY, June 17th!

$247 a month