Get Specific and Measurable with your Goals to Reach them Faster


Big Goals are great but they really need to be measurable and specific in order to reach them.  Too many people give up because they set their sites so high and too big from the start and forget that everything needs to be broken down in bit sized pieces or we'd all choke and give up within the first day.

Business goals and money making goals are no different.  When you get specific you'll have a much better chance of attaining the numbers.  For example if your goal is to "increase sales" it's not as specific as …..

"through online business development, identify 40 new sales prospects by October 13th"; or "Develop three targeted sales pitches by November 1st";  or " Make 25 sales calls by end of day Friday of this week."  See, these statements and goals are so specific you'll most likely reach them and start making progress faster.  

It's just working smarter.  In fact, it's been called SMART goals by many.

Specific :  " Make more money" is not as smart because it's too generic and vague.  Getting more specific will ensure your mind gets focused with the clarity component.  So, let's give it another try like this… "Increase revenue by $45,000 in 3 months" is getting specific and narrows your focus.  "Get media Coverage" is not specific enough either but   "Secure a weekly column in local newspaper" is getting very specific.  It's tangible and doable and leads you forward with what to do next.  Taking that first step with action when the goal is not specific leads you too 'cloudy' with what to do next and even leaves the outcome a little blurry.

Measurable:  How are you going to measure your progress moving forward?  For instance if you want to triple your revenue in two years what kind of number do you need to hit each and every month to achieve it?   Come up with your target number and break it down into quarters and then months and then weeks.  

Actionable:  What specific steps do you need to take and what exactly do you need to do each and every day to meet that goal of yours?  How many phone calls, emails and prospects do you need to contact?  How many blog posts, articles or email blasts do you need to send out to get the results you are looking for?  It's important to be realistic and to come from a place that understands "consistency breeds credibility".  When you are consistent something happens and it may take a lot of calls and a lot of contacts and many actionable steps to take in order to those results you are looking for. 

Realistic:  The Smartest goals are those that are in the 'reality zone.'  I mean the kind that reachable and not so 'pie in the sky' that are my favorite.  I'm a BIG thinker and I've always got that inflated way of seeing what I want the outcome to look like which is fun and doesn't harm anything at all… but we've all got to stop every once in a while and get to work chipping away at what it's going to take to get there.  For instance it's not realistic to have a goal to write a New York Times best seller by end of year when you've never wrote a book, a manuscript or even more than a few blog posts.  It's a better goal to begin breaking down what you want the book to be like, sitting down with someone to help you edit and draft it out and then setting a goal to securing a publishing contract first are more reasonable goals to go after.

Timed:  We all have a certain amount of procrastinating in us so having  a deadline and taking on a 'No Matter What'  mindset is essential.  The bottom line is without a deadline there is usually no fuel for action.  Be sure to always set a deadline with all of your goals and what you'll find is that it's a key ingredient to getting there when you want to.

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