How to get your first Client online.

“How do I get MY first client?”,  seems to be the question I get from my clients when first starting out or taking their business online. It can be overwhelming to be a business owner. Especially when it comes to taking your business online.  However it doesn’t have to be.  When it comes to running a business the most important & effective thing or tasks you can do is focus on income producing activities.  That means you have to get your message clear so that anyone can understand what it is that you do and know right away whether they need your help. 

When that happens you can be rest assured you will get people interested or at least compelled enough to want to learn more about how you can help them.   Then it will be very important to have systems in place so that you are not overwhelmed with all of the details involved with signing new clients, servicing them and keeping the flow of income streams coming in.  Invite them to a strategy session with you and ask key questions about their needs.

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