How to Attract more Clients and not Push them Away by being a Client Repellent

 Client Attraction begins with pulling clients in and NOT pushing them away with sleezy tactics.  If you know who your potential client is and know what your service and product's value is for them, then you will never have to trick people into buying from you.  Marketing and selling begins with being honest and should never feel like you are using tactics or even lying to get in front of them.  Using bait and switch tactics are a way to sell people something that never really showed interest in your product or service in the first place and is a sure sign of being more interested in the 'sale' instead of actually helping your potential client.

Be more client attractive by sharing your value and services that reveal what the benefits are after working with you and how it  can transform their lives.  Show them in your actions, your words and your online marketing message while using systems that PULL them in and guide them through a process that ultimately fills your business with happy clients that in turn refer others to you.

Marketing in it's most effective way should radiate genuine sincerity and a powerful message that turns your business into a client magnet.

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