How to deal with Bullies in the Workplace and Come out Shining

Dealing with Bullies in the workplace is easier than you think.  As uncomfortable, frustrating and isolating as it can feel the experience can make you stronger if you chose to understand it and take action.  It's also important to understand why Bully's do what they do so that you come from a place of acceptance and not take it so personally.  

The truth is Bullies will pick on those that are the brightest and the best at what they do.  

If you have ever experienced a Bullies behavior you'll notice their tactics are usually humiliation and belittling all centered around keeping you in a state of 'fear.'  The fear of losing your job, the fear of not 'shining' and keeping you in a state of 'inaction.'  Bullies seek to enslave their targets especially when their targets attempt to preserve their dignity or their right to be treated with respect.  They will infuse their power and bully campaigns of hatred and intimidation to take back what they think is 'control of their targets'.

This is because they are threatened by you in one or many of the characteristics you possess.

I've listed a few of them below:

  • You are independent.
  • You refuse to be subservient. Bullies seek to enslave targets.
  • You are more technically skilled than the bully
  • You are the "go-to" veteran workers to whom new employees turn for guidance. 
  • You are better liked by others.
  •  You have more social skills and  quite likely possess greater emotional intelligence
  • You have empathy (even for bullies).
  • Colleagues, customers, and management (with exception to the bullies and their sponsors) admire you and the warmth you bring the the environment
  • You are ethical and honest.
  • You may be a whistle-blower who exposes fraudulent practices
  • You are not a schemer or slimy con artist
  • You believe in hard-work and meeting goals
  • Your personality is founded on a prosocial orientation — a desire to help, heal, teach, develop or help others

It just so happens that all of these characteristics are also characteristics that will take you to great levels of success in business.  That is why at the Moxie Entrepreneur we empower, encourage and teach people like you to take control of your income, your life and future by recognizing these characteristics as leadership skills that can truly be embraced, admired and used to lift people up and not the unappreciated by some corporate work environments. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to turn your skills, talents and passions into a business and income that can open a world of independence, wealth and unlimited freedom consider setting up a strategy session to find out how we can help!

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