How your Mindset and Marketing may have you lonely and stranded on the Island of Misfit Toys

Are you spending too much time around people that don't know what they want or continue to stay in the Land of the Misfit Toys?

Many people who start out in business discover obstacles around the subject of marketing and networking.  I help Entrepreneurs discover who their ideal clients are and just as importantly,  'where they are'.  When they begin to get results like they never had before they realize that they had spent too much time in the beginning marketing, socializing and networking around people that did not want what they were offering.  Even more powerful was the discovery of spending far too much time around those that did not want the same things or have the same goals in life or business.  

There is a powerful force that takes place that isn't always visible to the eye between a group of people that have common interests, goals and aspirations.  They tend to encourage, spur action and create a kind of energy that can take goals and aspirations to greater heights and very fast.  

If you've ever heard the quote "You become the equivalent of the 5 people you spend the most time with"  and not fully understood the impact of it you may want to take it seriously now that you are an Entrepreneur because there is no better time than to see this quote jump to life in your daily Entrepreneurial journey.

Below I've listed 5 things you can do to make your journey easier as you climb to success in your marketing and networking efforts:

1. Pick 3-5 networking groups and/or associations and spend two or three days a week attending them.  As you pick your 3-5 groups to attend weekly be sure they are a good fit and have good energy as well as a structured setting.  Structured networking groups work very well because without an agenda and purpose you can easily waste your time and not get out of it what you are expecting which is more business referrals and connection with like minded people.

2. Join a mastermind group online or offline with the sole purpose of discussing ideas, struggles and projects so that you can get perspectives from those that are successful and like minded.  Many people that consistently take the time to attend mastermind groups are highly successful and those kind of people usually have a lot of experience that they can share with you as well as proven solutions in key areas that you've likely not experienced yet and vice-versa.  

3. Get a mentor or coach that meets with you weekly or monthly to keep you on track with your goals and holds you accountable to what your end result is such as my Moxie Sales & Money Coaching Club that meets online once a month to give you structure, support and powerful advice you can implement right away to get more clients and grow your business fast. .  Many coaches and mentors can listen to the problem and are very solution oriented.  They will have the experience, training and won't hold back while reminding  you when you are heading diluting your efforts, spinning your wheels or falling prey to your own fears or pesky habits of procrastination.

4. Build Strategic Alliances with your networking groups and ask the hosts of the groups who in the crowd would be your 'ideal client' or 'strategic alliance' for you.  It's okay to ask this of them because it truly is part of their job or responsibility.  If 'fear' and 'shyness' is holding you back in networking in these types of groups consider becoming the host yourself or acting as if 'it's your party' and this will help.  When we put ourselves in a position of being 'helpful' or greet others with a friendly "I don't believe we've met" it will help you break the ice with others and puts others in the position of sharing what they do with you first.

5.  Build confidence and get quicker results with a powerful elevator pitch.  It's common for people to start out telling people what they do, how long they've done what they do and who they are… however it can honestly put people's brains to sleep.  Elevator Pitch's really should be about your ideal customer, what you can do for them and how you can help lead them to the result THEY desire.  When you begin to share what you do by sharing your results and who you ideal client is… you will stand out, pique their interest and get them thinking about who to refer to you almost immediately!  To create a powerful, effective elevator pitch that practically brings clients to you as soon as you share it…. get my weekly ezine that's chock full of tips you can use immediately and get the results you want fast.  ========> The Moxie

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