Income Producing Activities in your Day are Key to Cash-flow and Big Income Goals

Income Producing Activities in your day and the  focus ON them will be the key to your success in any business!  It is your job to make money…and if you can’t do it you will need to find a sales person.  Face it you’ve got to delegate some of the tasks in your day so that someone is focused on those income producing activities.  Discipline is a big part of consistency and organization.  Consider asking yourself if you are a ‘doer’ and take note everyday of what you finished or completed.  This will help you get an accurate perspective on what needs to be delegated out.

Surround yourself with ‘doers’, join a mastermind group or get a mentor….it will double your income in the first month because systems and accountability are a large part of income growth!

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    Crystal, thanks for re-directing me… gotta go and finish the sample piece (that I have been delaying) that is next step for that paid blogging gig I seek…

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