Let your reason and your WHY pull your business to Success

So what is your WHY? Ever thought about it?  You know, that reason you started that business? I ask because we all have one and the truth is it's gotta be a BIG reason usually deeply rooted with an emotion.  Have you ever heard that your WHY should make you cry?  Well, it's true.

 Here's what I mean:  Starting a business and getting it to a place of cash-flow and profitability isn't easy when you don't have a really good reason or a WHY that pulls on your heart strings…or causes you to TRY so damn hard to succeed that failure isn't an option and going over, under and around every obstacle along the way doesn't feel so much like work as it does a PURPOSE. 

 It gives you that drive to keep going no matter what and it causes you to have that 'burn the ships' mentality that will get you anywhere you want to go.  That reason makes you tough, unstoppable and you guessed it…. MOXIE.  

My Moxie comes from a place of emotion and lifetime of hard knocks.  We've all had tough breaks right?  I mean, life isn't easy for anyone… we'd like to think it is but we're lying to ourselves when we try.  We've all got a path to pave and a mountain to climb.  The path for some is riddled with set-backs and heart breaks like losing a beloved sibling at a young age or living in your car as a teenager or divorce at a young age with three children to support.  Yep, been there experienced all of the above.  

You know what though?  We've all got our story and it drives us in ways no one can see…. we know deep down our REASON.  I want you to take that WHY, that REASON… and let it pull you forward, push you up ever steep incline and lift your spirit through every setback.  I promise you that if you focus on that WHY it will get you there.

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