Make More Money in Your Business by Setting up Systems

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1. Making more money in your business requires some setting up if you want it to run smoothly and consistently.  Too many small business owners and Solo-preneur’s struggle with consistent income and revenue because they haven’t set up the systems and departments in the very beginning.  It’s never too late to start running your business more efficiently though. 

Let me take the mystery out of it for you.  It’s really all about creating steps and documenting everything you do from how you get a client to how you close a sale and from what steps you take when setting up your marketing campaigns and launches…. it’s about knowing what you do everyday that is working for you and taking note of the details so that when you begin to grow you can delegate and hire out the help you need without the hassle of starting from scratch and training them. 

2. You will be able to teach anyone you hire what to do to get the same results everyday in each department of your business.   Each business should have departments and when you begin to run your business with this kind of thinking and organization you can become the CEO and begin not only servicing your clients better and  faster but you begin providing more value to your own customers. 

3. One of the biggest mistakes an Entrepreneur makes is to see themselves as a Solo-preneur and not see the bigger picture or the desired end result of taking on the role of the CEO.  If you want serious growth in your business you will need to break up the different departments and understand that you can’t run all of them.  You can’t effectively run and manage the sales department, fulfillment department, PR and billing while you are servicing your clients in a service based industry for instance.  It’s just simple math and common sense actually.  It may be UNcommon sense considering we see so many people everyday attempting to manage and build a business as if they are a team of 8 people. 

4. When you take the time to systematize everything…. you have less hassle, less frustration, less chaos and less money being left on the table due to holes in the system and less stress.  Expectations in ourselves, our clients and our staff will be met, understood and communication is clearly defined as well.  This all results in more income and time.

5. Thinking bigger means examining what you aren’t good at and delegating those tasks out to be completed as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.  Success and growth in your business means leveraging your time, tasks, focus and abilities and gaining the freedom and satisfaction you set out to find as an Entrepreneur in the first place.

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