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How to Create a Six Figure Income with your own Online Business


And Serve More People while doing it!



To Moxie Women In Business and Smart Men,

Ever wonder why some people make six figures with their businesses while others don’t?  Ever dream of sharing your gifts with the world and changing lives while having more time and freedom to do what you really want?  Do you ever wish you could spend more time with your family yet when it comes right down to it you feel like you can’t because your job or your current business ‘owns your time?’  I bet you want this and much more…I know some of you have a constant feeling that time is speeding up, that you were meant to do and have more and yet still feel like you are trudging along only ‘dreaming’ and not ever getting anywhere.  If you are still reading I bet you are ready to increase your standard of living this next year.

You know that something has to change.  You feel that it’s time and you’ve had enough of just mediocre and just scraping by financially.

You were meant for much more and you want to learn a little more about this thing called ‘leverage.’    

I can relate.  Just over 3 years ago I quit my job in corporate America to run my own marketing and coaching business.

Today we are in 27 different countries and currently sell products and programs to hundreds.  It took a bit of blind faith and ‘Moxie’ to take a leap and invest in myself both in time and money but I simply made the decision to do it.  I wasn’t going to settle for anything less anymore and I didn’t want my family to either.   I took on a ‘NOW OR NEVER’ attitude and burned the ships so to speak.  Heading back to a JOB was never going to be an option for me and I didn’t look back.  That attitude along with hiring a mentor took me not just to the next step but taught me how to LEAP into my future instead of stumble and struggle.  It made all the difference in the world.

Here is where you may need to really take note.

Even though I made it to the 6% of people out there making six figures and I was shown the way, my fears of managing it all and juggling all of the responsibility that comes with it, began to creep into my dreams at night.

I was scared.


You can probably relate. How do you find a steady stream of paying clients who openly want to work with you? Not everyone wants to be a sales person but let’s face it in the real world you have to learn marketing and how to convert leads into sales.

After 20 years marketing successful companies, building my own profitable business and three years online this is what we’ve discovered!


What you DON’T want:



  • Incessant begging of  the universe to send you a check in the mail
  • No Leveraged progression Plan, Marketing Skills, or Business Mentor
  • A gnawing pit in your stomach because you can’t pay your mortgage
  • Waste more time guessing how to close more deals
  • Spend another minute wishing you knew what others are doing that works
  • Waste another penny on another DIY program that collects dust on your shelf

What you DO want:   

  • Freedom to never worry about a scarce looking bank account
  • A profitable business that RUNS like a well oiled machine
  • Steady monthly income
  • Extra income to put away every month in an investment account
  • Peace of mind  and joy in your heart
  • Your day and time to spend as you wish
  • Emails that speak to your ideal client from the heart
  • How to blog and when to blog and what to say
  • a BIG list of customers who love you and NEED what you have to sell
  • To sky rocket your self esteem, income and ability to GIVE BACK!
  • Systems in place that work so you can build upon them and grow every year after!


Some of my private clients wanted to share their experiences with you.

Read what they have to say:

“Wow! Crystal’s  Moxie Money Making  Blueprint was the inspiration I needed to grow my online business. I had wanting to start an online coaching business and was just not understanding all of the pieces and crucial marketing concepts to get it started fast enough.  It was causing procrastination and fear.  With just few of the secret tips and techniques that I learned from Crystal, along with her primary encouragement for women entrepreneurs, I immediately applied what I learned with new found motivation and now know exactly what everyone else is doing out there to do be successful!”   -Lainna

“Having Crystal as my coach has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  I am 61 years old and finally pulling all of my expertise together using the Internet to make a profit making products and programs.  Income streams have never really been a part of my life before and I’m not only growing my income but utilizing my time better in a much more leveraged and powerful way.  I wish I’d invested in a mentor years ago…If I known the power of a mentor years ago I’d be in a different place income wise by now.  I’m just relieved I found Crystal and plan to have her work with my daughter in the very near future.” -Linda

As a professional athlete, business owner and father, balancing time to be a father is the most important thing in my life. Crystal O’Connor, became my coach at my lowest point in my financial history. I came to know Crystal as the “Coach” who put her own children first, which is and will always be my #1 priority in life as well. Crystal has helped me with the rebirth of my business while influencing my children as financially savvy young members of society . She has helped me utilize better methods to have both financial and family success! She has become the MVP of my team!  – Mark



By implementing just three of Crystal’s tips, steps and strategies I created a plethora of products, expanded my business into an area I had never known existed and discovered passive income for the first time.  I leveraged my expertise as a photographer into several other areas of photography and now have more time, freedom and better yet, more income!” -John


I’d been wanting to learn about online business and how to expand my real estate business with regard to reach and how to get more clients.  I also wanted to better leverage my time because I’m a Mother of 4.  I’ve always believed a strong work ethic is how to get ahead but I still felt over worked and underpaid.  I didn’t feel like I was getting head at all after all of my years of gaining knowledge in what I do.  After working with Crystal and getting my new website up that she made painless while guiding me through I have a whole new outlook for my financial future as well as my kids.  I am working smarter now instead of harder and customers are coming to me as well as new opportunities I’ve never had before. My income goal Crystal encouraged me to expand is now so doable with the systems she has helped be set in place.   – Sarah



Imagine Having More Income To Do Whatever

You Want With.


Introducing The Six Figure 2012

Coaching Programs.

You’ll Want To Take Immediate Action!


My friend, you will not see another program out there that gives you ALL of the tools, resources and information out there you need. This is a one of a kind program and will move you forward quickly because that is what you are going to need to hit the six figure mark and beyond next year.

Choose the membership that best fits your needs and I will see you on January 9th, 2012!

The programs we have crafted by design are meant to get you to at least six figures in 11 months or less.

It takes dedication, desire and EXPERT advice to build a sustainable business.  We’ve discovered that a complete program like this will increase your income and business GUARANTEED if you follow the program full throttle.



Amethyst-  Entry Level Business

This membership is limited to 25 people.


This is a perfect Program for you if you have do not yet have a website.  If you still need to figure out what your message is and don’t have any idea how to start your business.  We will  clarify your message and make more money…even if you’ve never been a business woman/man in your  life and you’re a newbie or want to be Entrepreneur.  This will be perfect for you.

11-Month Program To Build Your Business  in 2012!

Here are the benefits you will get:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Peace of mind
  • Breakthroughs in your mindset
  • How to break down your idea into steps you can see
  • Steps to take to make at least $8,333 a month consistently
  • Tools & resources to use
  • Simple and effective Marketing advice
  • Doable daily activities that lead to results
  • How to get your first client and more
  • What systems you’ll need
  • Create a product to sell online as passive income
  • How to get testimonials for your business
  • How to write copy that sells

3 – Group ‘Marketing & Skill Mastery calls a month (60 minutes) with a Q&A for you to get your questions answered and  coaching for all your immediate areas of concern. Valued at $997  (you’ll receive these recorded downloads immediately after)

8 hours – MP3 Downloadable Audios of  Top Income Streams &  Cash-flow Secrets – These are proven and tested strategies to get new clients in less then 30 days and get that cash flowing in. Valued at $347

Deposit $400$247 per month for 11 months CLASS STARTING Feb. 20th. (Monthly Payments will not start until March 1st, 2012)

DOORS OPEN Jan. 13th, 2011






Emerald -Mid Level Program

(Limited to 10 People)


If you have been in business and are ready to finally break past six figures, you’ve always wanted a mentor or you’ve mentored before and know the power and need it again in your life…this is for you!

I’ll show you EXACTLY what you have to do to create a hefty 6 figures a year business. You will experience serious growth for your business as an Emerald and become Mega Moxie in 2012 and the rest of your life!

This program is  unique in that we will discuss personally the areas you need the most help with while we strategize together on your business twice a month every month.

11-Month Commitment To EXPLODE Your Business This Year!

Emerald Package is limited to 10 people and includes:

3 – Group Skill Building Calls A Month (60 minutes) with a Q&A for you to get your questions answered and coaching for all your major areas of concern. Valued at $987

2 – Private (60 minute) One On One Coaching Sessions every month with Crystal Valued at $1800

Reasonable Email Access to Crystal to look over your work and answer any pressing questions in your business. Our goal is that you get unstuck quickly and keep moving forward.

8 hours – MP3 Streaming Audios of Top Income Streams & Cash-flow Secrets- These are proven  & tested strategies to get new clients in 30 days or less and keep that Cash-flow coming in. Valued at $347

4 hour Training – WordPress Magic & Online Marketing Secrets.  You’ll listen to this over and over again gaining increased ‘money generating’ action steps you can apply all year long. – 11 month Membership to the only site specifically dedicated to the Female entrepreneur and curious Male…it is loaded with audio’s & video’s dedicated to teach you simple and effective marketing techniques for online business success that you’ll will have access to 24/7.

Deposit $800 – $497 per month CLASS BEGINS on Feb. 20th. (monthly payments will not start until March 1st, 2012)  DOORS OPEN Jan. 13th, 2011



Diamond -Highest Level Program

(Limited 7 People Only)


If you’re ready to do what it takes and get to the next level then you are be ready to be a DIAMOND!

This is truly for you if your goal this year is to Up-Level your business dramatically. You’ve been saying that’s it this is my year to not just survive but to THRIVE!

You know that you have what it takes and it’s time for you to give more attention on making your business recession proof.

When committing to this program, you are dedicating yourself to growing and learning from Crystal and her team. Together, we  will build a solid foundation around your dreams and ideas while finally sticking with a plan that will change your life as you know it.

Diamonds Are Limited to 7 People And Includes:

3 – Group Skill Building Calls A Month (60 minutes) with a Q&A for you to get your questions answered and coaching for all your major areas of concern. Valued at $987

4 – Private (60 minute) One On One Coaching Sessions every month with Crystal Valued at $1800

2 – Monthly (60 minute) coaching calls whenever you need help

8 hours – MP3 Audios of Top Income Streams & Cash-flow Secrets- These are proven and  tested strategies to get new clients in 30 days or less. Valued at $347

Unlimited Email Support by Crystal (This is priceless and the last time I’ll offer this with this package)

VIP Day with Crystal to create strategies on your business for an entire one-day closed door session in your hometown (limited to USA). (Value $9,997) (Very Exclusive offer and the last time that I will offer this with this package)

Deposit $1200$1147 per month CLASS BEGINS  Feb. 20th. (monthly payments will start March 1st, 2012)

DOORS OPEN Jan. 13th, 2011