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Create FAST Results And Move Forward Quickly!

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Introducing our “VIP” Days With Crystal

An Entire Two Days Together in Safety Harbor, FL

What if you could spend an entire 2 days with Crystal and her team, brainstorming, laying out your Marketing calendar and putting things into ACTION?

This is likely what you’ve needed all along to dramatically increase your revenue & profit… the help you’ve needed to PLAN your six and seven figure business.  I can help you, step by step, unlock the potential to turn your annual income into monthly income!

This level of one-on-one coaching is for those who…
style3Know what they want to achieve
style3Are willing to work on their mindset
style3Are open  to ideas that can and WILL get them to that achievement
style3Are committed to moving forward in their business no matter what
style3And have the desire to make it happen!

This requires a 100% commitment from both Crystal and the VIP Client and is by application process.


Here’s an overview of the Moxie Turn-Key System you’ll be introduced to during your Two-Day Intensive:

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The Mindset Module will unlock hidden fears that are holding you back from stepping out in a bigger way and unleash any resistance or self sabotaging behavior and will literally push you forward with confidence as you begin to make big strides in your business, life and bank account.



Create a movement with your message so that your marketing moves people into action.  Your movement is your message and will be the cornerstone of what your brand and business stands for.  You will  essentially give birth to your movement during this VIP experience.  Your MOVEMENT and message will be crystal clear to you and your ideal clients will flock to you ready to buy.



The systems that you will learn and apply in the VIP Day will be like setting up the foundation that you will need to expand your income and client base.  Systems are what will make your business run like a well oiled machine and the cash-flow coming in each and every month.



You will begin to attract customers easily with Magnetic Marketing.  Attracting ideal customers that are ready to buy and who will gladly pay you what you ask is the end result of this module.  This will take the fear away from selling and have you attracting more customers than you ever dreamed in a very short time.



Creating an information product that will be known as your signature product will be the turning point in your business because it will set you apart and bring you steady cash-flow.  Your signature product will put you on the map and declare you the expert in your field.  This will not only be a powerful marketing tool for you but will also bring you thousands of dollars a month in passive income so that you aren’t worried how you’re going to make ends meet but instead makes you money while you sleep.



Income Streams are identified and deliberately created in this module.  We will create 4 specific income streams in your business so that you are making Passive, Leveraged, Recurring and Active incomes in your business. The income streams will intentionally get you to your income goal.



There’s so much we can accomplish together:

  • Review your website and/or plan another option (WordPress integration)
  • Re-write sales copy to increase conversion and create new opt-ins for increased sales conversion and relationship marketing for
  • Create list-building strategy for fast and effective list-building (lead capture ability)
  • Map out marketing campaign for an entire year for fast and seriously effective results
  • Learn to speak/write to your core audience so that you convert clients faster
  • Brand your company/service  (photography shoot / service available & optional)
  • Access to Crystal’s team and resources that will make things happen quicker and more effectively
  • Build a video marketing calendar
  • Roll out PR and marketing strategy that creates BIGGER results faster and builds momentum
  • Learn to use advanced social media marketing strategies that work!
  • Sales 101- Crystal will help lay out a plan that gets you past the ‘scary sales’ part of your business so that it’s no longer a problem for you!
  • Create & plan out 4 types of income streams within your business for immediate cash-flow!


NOW for a Limited Time Only:
$12,500 Pay-in-Full Option

 Client funds their travel and The Moxie Entrepreneur takes care of the rest. 
Includes two full 10-hr days with Crystal at the resort fully engaged and planning out your 2016 year!


Please contact Crystal’s team for available times by clicking the Get Started button today and completing our application (All VIP Days are subject to application).  If you QUALIFY for a VIP Day with Crystal, it could be the opportunity to turn your business around practically overnight!


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